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  DELPHI 中的 Format 函数  
DELPHI 中的 Format 函数

function Format(const Format: string; const Args: array of const): string;


功能 返回按指定方式格式化一个数组常量的字符形式
说明 这个函数是我在Delphi中用得最多的函数,现在就列举几个例子给你个直观的理解

"%" [索引 ":"] ["-"] [宽度] ["." 摘要] 类型
Format('x=%d', [12]); //'x=12' //最普通
Format('x=%3d', [12]); //'x= 12' //指定宽度
Format('x=%f', [12.0]); //'x=12.00' //浮点数
Format('x=%.3f', [12.0]); //'x=12.000' //指定小数
Format('x=%8.2f'[12.0]) // 'x= 12.00' ;
Format('x=%.*f', [5, 12.0]); //'x=12.00000' //动态配置
Format('x=%.5d', [12]); //'x=00012' //前面补充0
Format('x=%.5x', [12]); //'x=0000C' //十六进制
Format('x=%1:d%0:d', [12, 13]); //'x=1312' //使用索引
Format('x=%p', [nil]); //'x=00000000' //指针
Format('x=%1.1e', [12.0]); //'x=1.2E+001' //科学记数法
Format('x=%%', []); //'x=%' //得到"%"
S := Format('%s%d', [S, I]); //S := S + StrToInt(I); //连接字符串


,C Char, strings Character. Shows characters for ASCII 0 to 31 in the Delphi
language #nn notation.
,S Char, strings String. Shows ASCII 0 to 31 in Delphi language #nn notation.
,D Integers Decimal. Shows integer values in decimal form, including those in
data structures.
,H or ,X Integers Hexadecimal. Shows integer values in hexadecimal
with the $ prefix, including those in data structures.
,Fn Floating point Floating point. Shows n significant digits where n can be
from 2 to 18. For example, to display the first four digits of a floating-point value, type ,F4. If n is not specified, the default is 11.

,P Pointers Pointer. Shows pointers as 32-bit addresses with additional information about the address pointed to.
It tells you the region of memory in which the pointer is located and, if applicable,
the name of the variable at the offset address.

,R Records, classes, Records/Classes/Objects. Shows both field names and

objects values such as (X:1;Y:10;Z:5) instead of (1,10,5).

,nM All Memory dump. Shows n bytes, starting at the address of the indicated expression.
For example, to display the first four bytes starting at the memory address, type 4M.
If n is not specified, it defaults to the size in bytes of the type of the variable.
By default, each byte is displayed as two hex digits.
Use memory dump with the C, D, H, and S format specifiers to change the byte formatting.


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